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Education - Common Core

We are pleased to announce the introduction of WOW’s Common Core Standards Focus Group.  As the national spotlight has begun to shed more light on Common Core, which has been thrust upon our schools nationwide, we believe parents, grandparents and, frankly, all citizens would benefit by having closer scrutiny of these government-controlled standards seemingly being forced upon students.  We are fortunate to have two WOW members, Nancy Johnson, a retired teacher with extensive experience with teaching standards and Laurie Lyford who has demonstrated interest in our educational system, volunteering to keep our members informed on the misguided intent of Common Core and, how we might make an impact in our communities.  For members who want to learn more about the Common Core Focus Group, please contact:

A Sense of Entitlement

March 19, 2017

Carol M. Swain, a political scientist at Vanderbilt University,considers Islam a dangerous religion that is incompatible with Western notions of freedom. She calls the Black Lives Matter movement a "very destructive force." She has suggested that the women who marched on Washington were "fighting for the selfish right to kill their unborn babies.

"Such views have made the Christian conservative Republican an outlier in the upper precincts of academe. At Vanderbilt, where she has been a professor of political science and law since 1999, students called her a bigot and petitioned for her suspension.

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"How to Conquer a Nation Without Firing a Shot"
   Leading Progressives like John Dewey came up with the answer over a century ago. Just embed your agenda into the educational system, and in a few generations you will transform the country. 
   Political Progressives had little use for America’s founding principles. Woodrow Wilson, the first progressive president, complained that “some citizens of this country have never got beyond the Declaration of Independence,” and said the Declaration was “of no consequence” to modern Americans. This view now dominates in our public schools.
   And educational Progressives had little use for traditional teaching methods and purposes. Rather than teaching the Great Books of the Western tradition, Dewey recommended education as social development. The past century has seen curricular   
   As a result, many public schools are no longer effective at teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. They also no longer teach young Americans the history of their country—how it was founded on the principle of equal rights, and how it grew to become the freest and most prosperous nation in history.
   Good citizenship is impossible without this knowledge about America, and as a result our liberty is fading fast.
That’s why Hillsdale has launched the Barney Charter School Initiative: to answer the urgent need for fundamental reform of American K-12 education. After just five years, the initiative has helped found 13 charter schools nationwide, with a goal of opening fifty schools by 2022—each one based on a classical liberal arts curriculum, and each one including a strong history and civics component.  (Read More)


Nancy Johnson: Johnson_ns@yahoo.com
Laurie Lyford: llyford@nwtzl.com