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Upcoming WOW Event

WOW April Evening Event

Special Guest:  Jay Mathews, Education Columnist & Blogger for the Washington Post

Our youth are our future, but our education system is failing them.  Join us to hear  Education expert, Jay Matthews, columnist from the Washington Post, address:

“What makes for effective and successful education and how do we get there; including an analysis of the current Common Core standards.  Are we preparing our young people to be effective and contributive in the workforce?”

Who should attend this event?  Everyone.  Why?  Education is one of the key foundations for developing successful productive adults and, as a country, we are not succeeding in this realm.  Our youth deserve better.  If you have grandchildren, bring one of their parents as your guest.  If you know a teacher that you feel would benefit from this dialogue, invite them to join you.

Jay Mathews is an education columnist and blogger for the Washington Post, his employer for 40 years.  He is the author of seven books, including three about high schools and his current book due out this April, “Question Everything:  The Rise of AVID as America’s Largest College Readiness Program.”  He has won several awards for education writing and was given the Upton Sinclair award as “a beacon of light in the realm of education.”


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