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In November, 2017, Women of Washington hosted a wonderful speaker, Colonel Gregory S. Marzolf USAF, Retired.  He is the brother of our WOW Speaker Chair, Laura Walton.  He sent the following email to Laura regarding major healthcare issues for our Veterans.  Please take a moment to read his email & then contact Senators Murray and Cantwell & your Representatives.  Do it for our Veterans.  Senator Contact Info.      US Representative Contact Info.

Am needing your assistance with this one — have encountered a travesty that needs attention, and I cannot do it by myself. 

Here’s the jist of it: I’m having some serious back issues and am trying to get seen by an orthopedic doctor — and come to find out many doctors will not see me because TriCare (managed by HealthNet as contracted by the DoD) — are delinquent in paying the care providers.  So, the doctors are turning veterans away — they won’t even consider helping me (and others too having talked with the billing folks that work with the doctors)  — because HealthNet is not doing their job.  

Interestingly, even when I offered to pay cash — and work to get reimbursed myself—they (the doctor’s office) — still denied to help me.  From what I understand, HealthNet has a very bad track record — and why the DoD contracted with them effective 1 Jan 2018 is beyond me.  I expect they were the cheapest — so here we are.  The prior contractor was United Healthcare — and from what I gather, was credible and reliable. 

Now, for me to suffer, ok — copy.  But if it were one of my kids (or fellow service member) that needed help and we could not get it because of this issue — totally unacceptable — I don’t think we should sit idly by and allow this to happen in America. 

Bottom Line— Please go on-line and send an email to your Congressman / Senators to investigate the matter.  You can use my story.

Dear XXXXX,     
 I am writing today asking you to investigate why TriCare (now managed by HealthNet) is delinquent in paying medical providers for our Veterans’ medical care.  A veteran I know who now resides in Colorado after giving our nation 29 years of service — is suffering with major back problems — is desperately needing help only to find out that many physicians are turning him away because HealthNet is delinquent in paying the providers.  From what we understand, this is endemic and affecting a very large number of our service members and Vets.

  We cannot allow this to happen in America.  The DoD paid HealthNet a very large sum of money to administer the TriCare system — and they are clearly not delivering.  I ask that you take fast action as the situation will likely snowball the longer we wait.  Please take personal interest in this matter and make something good happen for all our Veterans. 

Sincerely, XXXXXXXX