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Women of Washington is an educational organization with a focus on understanding local, national, and global issues that are critical to our world today.

WOW Board Recommendations

The WOW Board researches & presents their recommendations for general elections.  We will also present items & ideas that we feel are important.

WOW Board Election Recommendations November 8, 2016

US Senator -  Chris Vance
Governor – Bill Bryant
Lt. Governor – Marty McClendon
Sec. of State – Kim Wyman
State Treasurer – Michael Waite
Auditor – Mark Miloscia
Attorney General – Joshua Trumbull
Commissioner of Public Lands – Steve McLaughlin
Superintendent Public Instruction – Erin Jones
Insurance Commissioner – Richard Schrock 

1st  Congressional District -  Robert J. Sutherland
7th  Congressional District  – Craig Keller
8th Congressional District   - Dave Reichert
9th  Congressional District  – Doug Basler 

5th   State Legislative District Senate  - Chad Magendanz
41st  State Legislative District Senate – Steve Litzow  

1st  Legislative District State Rep. -  Jim Langston (Position 2)
5th  Legislative District State Rep.  – Paul Graves  (Position 2)
41st Legislative District State Rep. – John Pass (Position 1)  Michael Appleby (Position 2)         45th   Legislative District State Rep. -   Ramiro Valderrama (Position 2)
48th Legislative District State Rep.-Michelle Darnell (Position 1) Benjamin Phelps (Position 2)  

Supreme Court Races    
David DeWolf (vs. Justice Yu)
Greg Zempel  (vs. Justice Madsen)
Dave  Larson  (vs. Justice Wiggins) 

 Information on all candidates   ivoterguide.com 

Information on judges       votingforjudges.org 

732              No
735              No
1433            No
1464            No
1491            No
1501            No 
SJR 8210     Yes 
Prop. 1  Sound Transit 3            No