Women of Washington

Communicating America’s Founding Principles

Women of Washington is an educational organization with a focus on understanding local, national, and global issues that are critical to our world today.


Women of Washington’s primary objective is to provide content-rich educational programs which enhance our membership’s understanding of current events and political issues.  During our 12-year history, we have been most fortunate to have committed Speaker Committee members selecting local and national presenters on subjects, such as education and government policy.  WOW members are committed to being current on political trends and policies so we can contribute to keeping our country Constitutionally sound for future generations.  Along with listening to insightful and timely presentations, it seems that it might be useful to establish “Focus Group(s)” where we would invite members to take more active steps in affecting positive change involving areas of interest.  Even after an inspiring presentation, it can seem daunting to speak up for change as one individual but, “There is strength in numbers…” as the saying goes.  However, affecting positive change is empowering and, with our principles in place, WOW “Focus Group(s)” could make a difference.


A focus group would allow members, who wish to deepen their knowledge about certain current events, to develop strategies with a small group to try to influence the conversation or direction of that issue.  By selecting three to five key topics (e.g.: Common Core; The Constitution; Property Rights; Transportation) which could benefit by more in-depth study and action, we could effectively track legislator’s votes; write letters to legislators and newspaper Editorial Pages; and use the WOW Newsletter to inform members on progress on pertinent issues.  Perhaps, through the Newsletter, the membership at large could be asked to consider joining in a timely letter-writing campaign, composed by the Focus Group, to their legislator on a particular subject or vote.

Focus Groups

Constitution Corner

The principles set forth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are foundational to Women of Washington.  Therefore, we are beginning this member-study series of our Founding Documents, coupled with related historical events and modern-day English comparisons from The Constitution Made Easy by Michael Holler.  Our founders carefully wrote these documents to create an enduring framework of limited government based on the rule of law.  Dr. Matthew Spalding, of the Heritage Foundation, states in his book, We Still Hold These Truths, "...our universities and law schools -- who teach the next generation, shape our popular culture, and set the terms of our political discourse -- passionately believe the truths, laid out in our Constitution, don't apply for all time."  We wholeheartedly disagree; our fore-bearers believed the Founding Documents made this country exceptional and, so do we.

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Focus Groups

Convention of States

Our Founders gave us a legitimate path to save our liberty by using our state governments to impose binding restraints on the federal government.  Article V of the US Constitution gives us that power and authority:  That solution/authority is to hold a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.

The Convention of States Project, founded by the Citizens for Self-Governance is intended to amend our Constitution to: stop the federal spending and debt spree, the power grabs of the federal courts, and  other misuses of federal power.  This insurance of our liberty  can be accomplished by three amendments that must be passed together:

1. A balanced budget amendment.
2.Term limits for all federally officials,  including Supreme Court Judges
3. Reducing the size and scope of the federal government , returning all the seeded powers from the states back to the states.

The success of a Convention of States depends directly on YOU, the American citizen acting/lobbying locally in Washington State with our Convention of States of Washington.

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Focus Group

Education - Common Core and More

We are pleased to announce the introduction of WOW’s Common Core Standards Focus Group.  As the national spotlight has begun to shed more light on Common Core, which has been thrust upon our schools nationwide, we believe parents, grandparents and, frankly, all citizens would benefit by having closer scrutiny of these government-controlled standards seemingly being forced upon students.  We are fortunate to have two WOW members, Nancy Johnson, a retired teacher with extensive experience with teaching standards and Ann Streit, a Speech/Language Pathologist who has worked for more than three decades in the public school system, volunteering to keep our members informed on the misguided intent of Common Core and, how we might make an impact in our communities.

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Focus Group

Sustainability/Property Rights Issues

The Sustainability/Property Rights Issues Focus Group will focus on articles and events that will educate us about the way environmental issues (climate change) are affecting our property rights and the way we live.

This includes water rights, the push to “densify” our cities, the seeming intent to get us out of our cars, steadily decreasing our access to forests and wilderness, making animals more important than humans—to name a few.   Join this group to see how radical conservationists are destroying our natural heritage.

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Focus Group


The WOW Transportation Focus Group is supported by the Eastside Transportation Association (ETA) Chair-Elect, Victor H. Bishop, P.E. to inform WOW members of the importance of transportation to all of us. WOW will learn from ETA what is happening to improve the quality of our lives and the environment by reducing congestion in the Puget Sound Region and ways to express our thoughts to involved government agencies. A core principle of the ETA is to support individual freedom of choice in mobility. ETA supports the development of a transportation system to support increased efficiency, productivity and quality of life by allowing us choices to go where we want to go, when we want to go, how we want to go We will offer links to more options for information.

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WOW Board Recommendations

WOW Board Election RecommendationsNovember 8, 2016

The WOW Board researches & presents their recommendations for general elections.  We will also present items & ideas that we feel are important.

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Spirit of America Rally

March 4, 2017

Spirit of America Rally Report
The WOW members who attended the Rally on March 4th  reported a great attendance and powerful speakers.  The State Patrol  provided a strong presence to keep the protesters from disrupting the event.  Click HERE to see a video from the end of the event.

The Miracle in Philadelphia - Part 8

September 15, 2017

By 1887, ten years after the ratification of the Articles of Confederation, and of the republican form of government, the country was deeply in debt.

James Madison, and other patriotic thinkers of the time, began work on what turned out to be the greatest document written by man, The United States Constitution.

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Veteran's Healthcare

March 2, 2018

Am needing your assistance with this one — have encountered a travesty that needs attention, and I cannot do it by myself. Here’s the jist of it: I’m having some serious back issues and am trying to get seen by an orthopedic doctor — and come to find out many doctors will not see me because TriCare (managed by HealthNet as contracted by the DoD) — are delinquent in paying the care providers.  So, the doctors are turning veterans away — they won’t even consider helping me (and others too having talked with the billing folks that work with the doctors)  — because HealthNet is not doing their job.  Interestingly, even when I offered to pay cash — and work to get reimbursed myself—they (the doctor’s office) — still denied to help me.  From what I understand, HealthNet has a very bad track record — and why the DoD contracted with them effective 1 Jan 2018 is beyond me.  I expect they were the cheapest — so here we are.  The prior contractor was United Healthcare — and from what I gather, was credible and reliable. Now, for me to suffer, ok — copy.  But if it were one of my kids (or fellow service member) that needed help and we could not get it because of this issue — totally unacceptable — I don’t think we should sit idly by and allow this to happen in America. Bottom Line— Please go on-line and send an email to your Congressman / Senators to investigate the matter.  You can use my story — and express your concern as a family member.  Here’s a quick snippet: (you’ll need to change highlighted wording).

 Dear XXXXX, I am writing today asking you to investigate why TriCare (now managed by HealthNet) is delinquent in paying medical providers for our Veterans’ medical care.  My brother/son/etc who now resides in Colorado after giving our nation 29 years of service — is suffering with major back problems — is desperately needing help only to find out that many physicians are turning him away because HealthNet is delinquent in paying the providers.  From what we understand, this is endemic and affecting a very large number of our service members and Vets.   We cannot allow this to happen in America.  The DoD paid HealthNet a very large sum of money to administer the TriCare system — and they are clearly not delivering.  I ask that you take fast action as the situation will likely snowball the longer we wait.  Please take personal interest in this matter and make something good happen for mybrother/son/etc and for all our Vets. Sincerely, XXXXXXXX

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