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The Building of a Widely Accepted Fraud - Myth 2

By Jay Lehr and Tom Harris 

Back in the 1970s, over 100 articles we’re written warning of immanent climate change (1). TIME and NEWSWEEK ran multiple cover stories to document  how the evil oil companies and the capitalist life style in the United States were causing catastrophic damage to the Earth’s climate. These articles claimed that scientists were almost unanimous in their opinion that man-made climate change would reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century. The April 28th , 1975 issue of NEWSWEEK proposed solutions in an article that included outlawing the internal combustion engine.  This all sounds very familiar except that it all referred to Global Cooling not Warming.

The January 31 , 1977 cover of TIME magazine featured a story “How to Survive The Coming Ice Age.  It included ‘facts’ such as Scientists predict that the temperature of the earth could drop by 20 degrees Fahrenheit due to man-made global cooling. Dr. Murray Mitchell of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned, “the drop in temperature between 1945 and 1968 had taken us one sixth of the way to the next Ice Age temperature.” 

Global Cooling gained considerable traction with the general public, but instead of cooling as predicted by climate change advocates, the average temperature of the Earth started to increase. Clearly something had to be done to rescue the climate change agenda from utter disaster. Enter Al Gore to the rescue. 

Al Gore Sr., a powerful Senator from Tennessee saw to it that his son was elected to the House of Representatives serving from 1977 to 1985 then on to the Senate from 1985 to 1993.  His primary issue that carried him forward was the conviction that the Earth would perish were we not to eliminate fossil fuels. He advanced to Vice President under Clinton where he was able to enact policies and direct funding to ensure the climate change agenda became a top priority of the United States government. 

In one of his first pronouncements as Vice President, Gore stated on April 25, 1997 in the Scope of Activities of the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development that the federal government “should not debate the science of global warming, but should instead focus on the implementation of national and local greenhouse gas reduction policies and activities”. 

A cornerstone of Gore’s strategy was to insure that all high ranking officials in any government agency having any intersection with policies of funding relating to climate change were in line with his vision. These agencies included the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Education, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  An example of his power was shown when Dr. William Happer, Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy, testified before Congress in 1993 that scientific data simply did not support the hypothesis of man-made global warming, Gore saw it that Happer was immediately fired.* 

Al Gore was also able to leverage his high visibility, his movie awards, his so-called Nobel Prize, into a personal fortune.  When he ended his tenure as Vice President in 2001, his net worth was $2 million.  By 2013 his net worth exceeded $300 million (2). 

Gore’s movie. "An Inconvenient Truth", provided a series of graphic images showing the apocalyptic consequences that have been predicted if man-made global warming, based on the combustion of fossil fuels, continues. Images include the melting of glaciers, dying polar bears, inundation of coastal cities by massive floods, cities wiped out by hurricanes and tornadoes, food supplies wiped out by droughts. After watching this compelling piece of climate change propaganda, it is no wonder that an entire generation has come to fear what the future might hold and to feel guilty about the role that they and their country might be having in destroying our beautiful planet. Americans are constantly being told that they should feel guilty for driving their cars or using any energy to heat their homes or power their businesses. Renewable energy sources such and wind and solar represent the only hope for saving the planet. 

Children are depressed about the future as a result of a constant barrage of global warming warnings that they receive at school.  An entire generation  has become so brainwashed on the subject that they no longer question any statement made about climate change. 

Unfortunately  essentially everything on this climate change agenda is either a lie or gross distortion of the truth. The media and government financed climate scientists have been using every means at their disposal to create what has become THE MYTHOLOGY OF GLOBAL WARMING.  *    

Twenty five years later, in August of 2018 President Trump appointed Dr. Happer to be Senior Scientist for the National Security Council. 

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Portions of this article have been excerpted with permission of the publisher and author of the 2018 book THE MYTHOLOGY OF GLOBAL WARMNG by Bruce Bunker Ph.D..Publisher: Moonshine Cove/ For more information on this topic, the authors strongly recommend this book as the very best source of accurate information on the climate change debate.