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Are the Transportation Planners Elitist?

This writer thinks so and shoots barbs at transit oriented development as an elitist plan to move the poor far from them, condem land or at least buy it up at low prices.   The poor thus must have cars to get to work to shopping and so on. 

Additionally, because wealthier people have access to more of what they need closer to where they live, they no longer place the same value on automobile ownership thus they can fill in with Uber, Lyft, and other ride share or sort rental options like Car2Go.

Yet poorer people, live farther in commute distances from their jobs and the resources they need.  They value cars because of the accessibility they provide.

“Automobility remains a paradoxical cultural and status symbol, such that while wealthier people increasingly reduce their car dependency, poor people still aspire to car ownership,” according to an article in The Atlantic.Cars are a status symbol for the poor; bikes are not. But bikes can be a status item for the more wealthy.   Observe who shops for carbon fibre bikes or uses REI bike excursion trips as a weekend or vacation activity.