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Women of Washington is an educational organization with a focus on understanding local, national, and global issues that are critical to our world today.

WOW Board General Election Recommendations

The WOW Board researches & presents their recommendations for general elections.  We will also present items & ideas that we feel are important.

WOW Board General Election Recommendations November 3, 2020

State Measures:  
Referendum Measure No. 90      REJECT   Legislators passed mandatory graphic sex
                                                                       education via ESSB5395. We need to 
                                                                     REJECT ESSB5395 by rejecting Ref. 90

Advisory Votes No. 32 - 35         REPEAL  Tax increases not needed.

Senate Joint Res. No. 8212         REJECT    Poorly defined change that weakens our rights

King County:

Charter Amend. #1      NO

Charter Amend. #2      NO
Charter Amend. #3      YES
Charter Amend. #4      NO
Charter Amend. #5      NO
Charter Amend. #6      NO
Charter Amend. #7      NO

King County Prop. 1                    APPROVE

Snohomish County:
Council District 4                               Brenda Carrington
Sno. Superior Court Pos. 8                Robert Grant
Public Utility                                      Rob Toyer
Fire District 26, Prop 1                      Rejected
So. Sno. Cty Fire & Rescue Prop 1    No


President/Vice Pres.:         Donald J. Trump/Mike R. Pence           


Governor                             Loren Culp
 Lt. Governor                      Joshua Freed   (***write in candidate***)
Attorney General                Matt Larkin
Secretary of State              Kim Wyman
Treasurer                            Duane Davidson
Auditor                                Chris Leyba
Commissioner of
     Public Lands                   Sue Kuehl Pederson
Superintendent of 
     Public Instruction           Maia Espinoza
Insurance Commissioner    Chirayu Avinash Patel


CD - 1                                    Jeffrey Beeler
CD - 2                                    Timothy S. Hazelo
CD - 7                                    Craig Keller
CD - 8                                    Jesse Jensen
CD - 9                                    Doug Basler


Wash. State Supreme Ct. #3     Dave Larson
Wash. State Supreme Ct. #6     Richard Serna
King County Superior Ct. #13    Andrea Robertson  
King County Superior Ct. #30


District 1, Position 1                    Adam Bartholomew
District 1, Position 2                   Jeb Brewer
District 5, Position 1                   Ken Moninski
District 5, Position 2                   Corey Bailey  (write-in)
District 10, Position 1                 Greg Gilday
District 10, Position 2                 Bill Bruch
District 21, Position 1                 Brian Thompson
District 21, Position 2                 Amy Schaper
District 31, Position 1                 Drew Stokesbary
District 31, Position 2                 Eric Robertson
District 32, Position 1                 Shirley Sutton
District 32, Position 2                 Tamra Smilanich
District 33, Position 1                 Kerry French
District 38, Position 1                 Bert Johnson
District 38, Position 2                 David Wiley
District 39, Position 1                 Robert J. Sutherland
District 39, Position 2                 Carolyn Eslick
District 44, Position 1                 John T. Kartak
District 44, Position 2                 Mark A. James
District 48, Position 1                 Vic Bishop
District 48, Position 2                 Tim Hickey

State Senator District 1              Art Coday
State Senator District 5              Mark Mullet
State Senartor District 38           Bernard Moody
State Senator District 39            Keith L. Wagoner