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Seth Keshel

One of our WOW members took these notes at the February 2 2022 presentation. 

Thought you might be interested in my notes on VOTER INTEGRITY from a sold out King/Snohomish Conservative Women's meeting last night.  Captain Seth Keshel, of Texas, was the main speaker.  He is a retired Afghan military intel officer, who now works as a statistician studying voting trends and population demographics. Last night's presentation was in regard to Presidential elections and the 2020 presidential election, in particular.  Keshel states that "the 2020 election was fraudulent in every State, but Iowa."  According to polling, 59% of Americans also believe that the election was fraudulent (Rasmussen), and 52% think there was significant election fraud (CNN).  

Seven incidences of significant 2020 election irregularities:

1. Bell weather Counties.  There are 19 bellwether counties that have been perfect predictors of the Presidential elections since 1980.  Trump won 18 of those and Biden won 1.  All have aligned perfectly since 1980.   
It's interesting that Clallum  County, in Washington State, was the only bell weather County that went for Biden.

2.  Bell weather States.  Since 1896, elections in Ohio, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina have been 100% accurate in predicting the Presidential winner. Trump carried all 4 bell weather states in 2016 and 2020.

3.  Share of the Primary vote. Primaries are an indication of a candidate's strength.  Since 1912  the share of the Primary vote by those Presidents defeated when running for re-election, has been under 73%, 
Hoover ( vs. FDR) 36%,  Ford ( vs. Regan) 53.3%,  Carter ( vs. Regan) 51.1%,  Bush  41(vs. Clinton) 72.8%.   Trump won the 2020 primary by 94%.
Trump's primary victory, was the 4th highest share of the primary vote in the history of primary elections. Similar to and/or greater than Eisenhower 86%, Nixon 86.9% and Regan 98.9%.

4. Incumbent Vote Gain.  Every President who has gained votes in the second general election, has been re-elected, since 1892.  No incumbent  President has ever gained votes, but lost re-election.  Trump gained 11 million votes, from 2016, but somehow lost re-election.  Obama and FDR lost votes in their 2nd campaign, but still won re-election.

5.  US House Election Coat tails.  Landslide elections also normally upset the balance of power in the Congress, in favor of the new President's party.   Regan won  in 1980 by by 9.7% and  the GOP picked up 34 seats.  Regan won in 1984 by 18.4% and the GOP picked up 16 seats, Obama won in 2008  by 7.2% and the Dems picked up 23 seats.  Biden supposedly had 5 million more votes than Obama in  2020. Biden supposedly won by 4.4% , but the Dems lost 13 seats and Republicans gained 16 seats.

6. Washington State  summary.  Keshel again analyzed Party registration, population growth and voting trends. WA state population is approximately 7. 7 million.
  In 2004, Bush lost WA state by 7% points, by 206,000 votes.  In 2008, Obama won WA State , over McCain, by 241,000 votes.
 In 2012 and 2016 Democrats won the state by 100,000 votes.   However, in 2020 the Democrats somehow gained an additional 620,000 votes for Biden, a vote 2.5 times larger than the Obama landside election.
Despite the fact that Trump gained 360,000 votes in 2020, over 2016, Biden won. Keshel estimates that there were 330,000 fraudulent votes in the state of Washington, 2020 elections.

7.    Irregular Counties in Washington State:  10 counties look very problematic, but 5 counties especially concerning: King, Pierce, Grays Harbor, Clark and Spokane. 

2020 Pierce County Presidential voting numbers: 
Republicans 150,783 (2004), 142,000 (2008), 148,467 ( 2012), 146,824 (2016), 197,730 (2020)
Democrats  158,231  (2004), 182,000 (2008), 186,400 (2012),   172,538 (2016), 249, 506 (2020) . 
The 2020 Dem voter turn out number  of 249,506, should have been approx 150,000; in Keshels opinion, it's 100,000 high.
Change in Democrat vote in 2020 was an additional 77,000 voters, over 2016 for a weak Dem candidate. 
 The  Pierce County general election in 2020 county 450,000 voters , up from 319,362 voters in 2016 , 334,867 voters in 2012 , 324,000 in 2008 and 309, 014 voters in 2004.

King County numbers were similarly 100,000 off  of what was statically expected, as an increase in voters in 2020.
2016 there were 101,780 newly registered voters. There were  907,310 votes for Biden in King County in 2020.

In summary, Keshel estimates that 15-20% of voter registrations are fraudulent, due to same day registrations, illegals, felons, dead people, moves, etc.
Also of concern is ballot harvesting and no chain of custody for ballot boxes. There are videos of "mules" dumping hundreds of ballots in ballot boxes, all around the country.

Election integrity is the primary issue with most Republican voters. Other main issues are creeping Marxism and medical lockdowns/medical freedom.
He urges support for the Sheriffs, school board participation, medical freedom groups, conservative candidates, participation in the legislative process.People are attracted to liberty. The security and integrity of our elections is foundational to democracy.

Other Resources:

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